Suzanne . . .our namesake
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In loving memory of Suzanne

Sept 22, 1970 - Dec 24, 2006

It is in her honor that this organization was founded.  It will be in her honor that we continue helping
those battling this dreaded disease.


As each of us prepared for the Christmas holiday, Suzanne slipped away, in the still of the night, peacefully; with her loving husband, her best friend by her side.


To say that she will be missed is an understatement.  Those of us who knew her, could not help but love her.  She had an uncanny way of looking at life.  The glass was NEVER half empty.  She could always be found with a smile on her face, and that impish gleam in her eye.  She had humor, wit, was spontaneous, and looked for the good in everyone. 


The love of her life was her husband, but he would find that he would need to share Suzanne with their first born in May 2005 when she blessed their lives.


Suzanne's battle with cancer was amazing to everyone.  Each note she sent, each conversation she had, it was as if she was putting us at ease, rather than the other way around.  She always stayed positive.  She never let the disease get the better of her.  She would apologize for not feeling well, or having to cancel a lunch date because she was just not up to visiting.


The only way I can describe her is eloquent.  She had an air about her that was one of style and grace.  She fit in with everyone and everywhere she went, she made an impact.


Her giggle will always be a cheerful memory.  She could make even the simplest, silliest thing get you laughing from the belly.  When the catsup bottle gurgled, she would just giggle uncontrollably.  Our memories of her will always bring smiles to our faces.


Elation and joy are the words that come to mind when she and Ray finally set the date for their wedding.  She was "walking on air" and "flitting" around with so much enthusiasm; you just knew it was the right thing for her.


Shortly after the wedding the house hunting began - and then just on the heels of that was the pregnancy and birth of their first child.  How could any one couple be so blessed?  It just proved that the love they shared and their time together prior to the marriage was exactly how it was meant to be.


Then the diagnosis; Cancer; Her/2nue; Stage IV.

Why?  How could it be?  What could be done?  Suzanne's attitude was that no matter what they wanted her to do, she would and she would beat it. . . it would not beat her.


That was her attitude all the way to the end.  Her body, her soul, her mind just became to tired and she made the ultimate sacrifice; she chose to spend her remaining days with the Love's of her life; her husband and her child.  Basking in their love, breathing in their love, and being enveloped in their love. 


I cannot express how sad I am to have lost my dear friend, yet I am so thankful that I was given a chance to know her and be able to call her my friend.


Having her in my life and as someone I can honestly call friend, has changed my life forever.  I feel honored and blessed that our paths crossed all those years ago, and will carry her in my heart forever.  I will miss her "Hi ya Pookie" messages; I will miss her smile, her laughter, her hugs.  I know in my heart that she is in a much better place.  I know that her pain and suffering has ended and she has been granted a place in heaven.  I am sad that her daughter will not get to know her, but know that she will be told by everyone how wonderful she was. I have a broken heart for her husband, who has lost his best friend, his lover, his wife. 


Forever in our hearts, you will be missed

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