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December 24, 2006 @ 12:45 AM, Suzanne's Journey ended. 
With heartfelt sadness we learn that Suzanne's journey ended as Christmas eve began.   With her loving husband by her side, in the still of the night, she crossed over to her new life and new home; in heaven.
Admiration, love, sadness and sorrow all come to mind as we hear this news. 
  • Admiration for a woman, a friend, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter; who so valiantly fought the battle
  • Love for our friend, our coworker, our neighbor; our "Pookie"
  • Sadness for a child who will never know her mother, only her memory; a husband who loved her so much, and must now go on without her, a father who should never have to bury a child, a brother who lost his best friend.
  • Sorrow for the pain she endured, the 19 long months of treatment, sickness, fatigue, pain and suffering.

Pookie, I will miss you always, but  I will take comfort in the knowledge that you are no longer suffering or in pain.

November 2006
  • Suzanne continues her battle and is still expirencing fatigue. 
  • In an attempt to brighten her spirits  a delivery was made 11/16 of turkey dinners, veggie lasagne, apple pie, and candy was made by coworkers. 
  • Both baby and daddy are doing well.
October 2006
  • Suzanne has been quite fatigued and has not been up to visiting or socializing 
  • We all continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers, and hope she knows how much she is loved

September 2006

  • Suzanne sent a message stating . . wowie zowie did I have fun opening those presents. 
  • Thank you to everyone who participated . . .
  • Suzanne's birthday is this month on the 29th    As a way to surprise her, and bring a little sunshine and happiness to her life, we held a "Birthday Bash in a Box" event.  Friends and coworkers got together and purchased items to give her.  The box was delivered one week prior to her birthday so she could celebrate at her leisure.  One friend hand made a basket for the gifts to be delivered, but due to such a large response, the basket overflowed . . .
August 2006
  • I was able to see Suzanne this week and have lunch with her.  She is receiving treatment from Dana Farber in Boston, and making the commute when necessary.  Her attitude and spirit continue to be my source of inspiration. 
July 2006
  • Suzanne has had some additional news on her condition and is seeking treatment now at Dana Farber in Boston.
June 2006
  • Suzanne stopped by her former employer and visited.  Everyone was thrilled to see her, and get a chance to say hello.  She appeared to be doing well. 
February 2006
  • "this new treatment gives me great fatigue; I'm bone tired everyday" says Suzanne in her 2/16/06 email
January 2006
  • "right now we have about 50% shrinkage but have a long way to go" says Suzanne in her 1/24/06 email

September 2005


Dear Friends;


Many of you have been inquiring as to when I will be returning to work after the birth of my daughter Sofia in May.  To put any rumors to rest, I am writing to let you know that I am unsure of my return date as I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer and am currently undergoing Chemotherapy at The Hunterdon Cancer Center.  I have wanted to come into the office to visit but the chemo is very draining.  Although I do not get physically ill, the level of fatigue that results is very intense.   There is also a risk of my catching a virus that could cause me to delay or miss a treatment and it is not recommended at this time. 


I am working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in conjunction with The Hunterdon Cancer Center, our goal is to shrink the tumors and use a drug to inhibit growth of new ones.


Sofia is doing well and growing so fast.  People say she looks like her father, but I think our resemblance with our two bald heads is uncanny.  Seeing her smiling face every day when I wake up, (or rather when she decides to wake me), is like a breath of fresh air.  Her laughter is intoxicating and it takes me away from any sorrow I may feel.  Every day is like a new adventure with her and I am enjoying Motherhood tremendously. 


We are doing well as a family in handling this crisis, our spirits are good, and we have a positive attitude with a great support system.  Sofia and I hope to visit soon.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


Best regards,



 Mailing Address:
PO Box 2479
Church Hill TN 37642