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December 2008
Barbara is doing well.  Her cancer was "zapped" and her life is going great.  In October, she purchased a condo in Tennessee, and will be living near relatives for part of the year.
Cancer diagnosis in my family

As each of us women should do annually, both my mother & I had our annual mammograms earlier this year.  When Suzanne was diagnosed, I promised her that I would do this annually.    This year, I had to go back for a bi-lateral ultra sound because of dense breasts.  While I was lucky, and fortunate that there was nothing, my mother was not so lucky. 
On April 19th my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The roller coaster would begin and our journey would take a turn that I had not been prepared for.  The call that she received stated that they wanted to do a biopsy,   I did some research, reviewed what was involved and we scheduled the appointment.  After our initial consultation with the doctor, it was decided due to the size (small 2mm) we would be better off with a lumpectomy, rather than doing the biopsy and then another invasive procedure.  Mom is 75 so the less trauma to her the better.
Okay . . . we scheduled the procedure.  Mom was not scared, nor was she aprehensive at all.  I cannot say the same for me.  Mom opted not to tell her five other children until after the procedure and the results were in. 
All went well with the procedure, and now all family members know about mom's cancer.  The next step would be to follow up and see if there should be chemotherapy, or radiation.  Since mom is almost 76, the odds are in her favor becaue her cancer is hormone driven, and at her age it will progress slowly if it does come back . . .
Radiation it is . . 17 treatments. . .
Thursday June 28 Update . . . . . . Mom finished treatment !
The group at the cancer center has been wonderful, they have been so kind and caring.  Upon completion they gave mom a "diploma" signed by the nurses and technicians.  They made the treatment tolerable and pleasant. 

Thank you Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center staff for making the journey joyful.

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