Wooden Roses

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Why we selected R O S E S 
Roses have had meaning since the dawn of time. Everyone knows that a red rose is a symbol for love but did you know that when you give a bouquet of white and red roses, it means unity?
Read on to learn what your favorite roses mean in the very special language of flowers.

In Victorian times, suitors would present a bouquet to their intended that held much meaning once the flowers were looked at. These bouquets were called "tussie-mussies" and every courtship began with their presentation. The content of these tokens often changed as the relationship did until the bride walked down the aisle with the most meaningful bouquet.


Red roses say “I love you” and also stand for respect and courage. 

Rosebuds symbolize beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love or:  “You are young and beautiful.”  Red rosebuds mean “pure and lovely” and white rosebuds signify girlhood or “too young to love.” The moss rosebud stands for confessions of love. 

A single rose stands for simplicity.  In full bloom, it means “I love you” or “I love you still,” and a bouquet of roses in full bloom signifies gratitude. 

White roses have several meanings:  “You’re heavenly,” reverence and humility, innocence and purity, “I’m worthy of you,” and secrecy and silence. 

Red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges, signify unity. 
Pink roses in general symbolize grace and gentility.  For more subtle shades of meaning, choose deep pink to stand for gratitude and appreciation.  Light pink conveys admiration and sympathy. 

Yellow roses usually stand for joy and gladness, but can also say “try to care.” 

Red and yellow blends stand for jovial and happy feelings. 

Coral or orange roses denote enthusiasm and desire. 

A deep burgundy rose means “unconscious beauty.” 

Pale colors convey sociability and friendship. 

Hybrid tea roses mean “I’ll remember you always” and sweetheart roses symbolize just what their name implies. 

Two roses taped or wired together to form a single stem signal an engagement or coming marriage. 

A full blown rose placed over two buds forms a combination that signifies secrecy. 

Withered white roses have two meanings:  fleeting beauty and “you made no impression.” 

A crown made of roses signifies reward or virtue. 
Rose leaves are a symbol of hope.  


To order, or for additional information please send a detailed email to:  ROSES@FRIENDSOFSUZANNE.COM
We do not stock ALL colors all the time so we will review your request and advise what is in stock at the time of order placement.
We may need to substitute colors on "smaller" orders. 
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