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October 2007  - Board of Directors Newsletter

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Fall 2007

We will be announcing the 2007
Volunteer of the Year at the Walk-a-thon
Come see who it will be !!!
Announcing 2006 Volunteer of the Year

2006 was our first full year of support to area cancer patients.  It was a year of learning year and growing, it was a sad and bittersweet year with the loss of Loretta and then Suzanne, yet still it was a year of success.


All along the course of our fundraising activates, we made new friends, we continued to meet people who were generous, as well as those who helped us meet our goals.  We were all humbled by the journeys that the patients we support and assist faced.


Each of the volunteers who assisted us during the year did so out of their compassion and caring for those fighting cancer, and in many cases this would literally be the battle of their life.   It is because of this that it was so hard to select one volunteer who stood out. 


After careful consideration of each participant’s efforts it is our honor and pleasure to announce Lauren Cebello of Clinton, daughter of Corrine and Andy Cebello, as our 2006 Junior Volunteer of the Year.  Lauren is a Junior at NHHS where she is active in Spring Field & Track, Fencing and is also presently working on her Gold Award for Girl Scounts.  It is Lauren's goal to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. 


In 2006 Lauren spent three days at our booth, and she came in 2007 to get us started at the NJ Festival of Ballooning which is held each year during the last weekend of July at Solberg Airport.   


Lauren assisted by setting up the booth, arranging all of the merchandise, drawing posters freehand, and organizing the work area so that the other volunteers would easily be able to walk in and take over.    In 2007, she worked the first day again setting up and getting our booth organized as well as creating a mobile to hang our honor ribbons on. 


Lauren endured extreme heat, a torrential rain and wind storm in which she was drenched to the bone, and stayed until relief came.  Her ability to think on her feet prompted her to make the best of a bad situation and we were amazed as she walked onto the midway to hawk dry t-shirts after the storm.  Next she was working with neighboring booths and swapping dry t-shirts for dinner.  The marketing we got out of the dry shirts was priceless.  All of this was done by a teen, who gave up her weekend to help our organization raise money for cancer patients.


It is the belief of our president Kathy Koltowski that if there were more volunteers like Lauren helping, all organizations would be successful.  Lauren was such a helpful, pleasant person to work with.  Her ability to think on her feet was helpful and innovative.  Her willingness to jump in, and take charge was refreshing, and her CAN DO attitude is one that will allow her to be successful in life.  She is an intelligent, level headed, assertive teen and definitely a pleasure to work with. 


Thank you Lauren for your dedication, helpfulness and passion.   Your efforts helped make 2006 a huge success !

Lauren Cebello
2006 Junior Volunteer of the Year

Table of Contents

Lauren Cebello - 2006 Volunteer of the Year

Walking with Friends Update
Pay their Way Campaign Launched - July 24, 2007

Pet Therapy - Canine Friends first certification - Oct 2007 - updates coming soon
Tall Cedars of Lebanon Benefit Ball (Nov 3) - Kearsten Higgins - $10,000 raised by the Tall Cedars . . . Kudos Papa Smurf !
NEUCS Spectacular - Nov 11 2007  - still waiting to be able to update amount raised for Friends of Suzanne

Walking with Friends 2007
The 2007 walk-a-thon raised almost $7000 which was used to help the Higgins family of Clinton, and the Hafke Family in High Bridge.
Participants were greeted along the walk by the Easter Bunny who was assisted by Kate Elliott of Fords.
Walkers met at Commons Park in High Bridge and after a brief speech by president Kathy Koltowski journeyed along the Columbia Trail for 3 miles.    Upon their return to the park, there was a craft fair where they were able to shop and get a snack prior to departing.
Thank you to everyone who supported this event and helped make it a success.

Pay Their Way

On July 24 we were able to make the co-pay's for 43 patients at Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center.  The program which the organization is looking to make into a monthly program was thought of as president Kathy Koltowski sat in the waiting room each morning in June as her own mother went for radiation treatment for breast cancer.  After watching the same people come in day after day for treatment, and hearing the copay amounts which ranged from as low as $5.00 to as high as $90, Koltowski thought what a great way to help . . . make their payments for them . . . .

After speaking with various staff members and making all the arrangements the day was set.  Each patient who came in that day was presented a card from the organization, and told that their bill had been paid. 

Please help us keep this program going .. . . . it is one that has resulted in many emails, thank you cards, and pure joy from patients who appreciated it more than anything we have done so far.


Pet Therapy - Certification

October 27 will be the first certification class for our Friends Fur Life pets.  Once certified the dogs will be able to visit cancer patients as was the request of Suzanne.  While undergoing her treatment she said that the days the dogs visited the center, were the best.  In her honor we will grow this program and the dogs will visit cancer patients exclusively.     Check our FFL link for update and photos as they become available.



 Mailing Address:
PO Box 2479
Church Hill TN 37642