Tea Party Fundraiser

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Tea Party Photo Collage
Thank you all for helping to make our event a success

The Tea was a successful event. 
The room was beautiful, thanks to the team. 
Thank you to
Mary Passerallo &
Teresa Schultz
for their flower donations
Thank you to Barbara Perry
for bringing her lovely house plants which were used for the WOW factor.
Special thanks to the "gals" from North Hunterdon; our servers, and the three children from Milford who were our junior servers.
A special thank you to Carol & Walt Dorf
from the Firehouse who
let us in each day, and locked up after we left . . .
Thank you to
Sharon & Steve Higgins who stayed with us during the event, and
for helping in our cleanup  afterwards.
Finally a special thank you to our Tea Committee:
Joanne Lutz
Claire Phillips
Ruth Elliott
Kate Elliott
Rebecca Goff
Barbara Perry
Susan Meacham
Becca Meacham
Also to "Chuck Meacham"
for being our photographer
Special thanks to
Jennifer Tripp for the wonderful TEA donations
and most importantly to
In Her Shoes
the TJL Foundation
for their
donation !
Each of you played a critical role in making this event a success . . . .
You hold a special place in the hearts of the Friends of Suzanne Board !



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PO Box 2479
Church Hill TN 37642